Villages in Hong Kong

Its my pleasure to share with you a new series, all about going green in Hong Kong!

May be you probably know, I’m a huge fan of the outdoors. And while I’m naturally drawn to the hustle and bustle of the exciting city that Hong Kong is, I have to say what I love most is the fact that it’s so easy to access gorgeous, green spaces that are up there with the best around the world.

I was so happy when Hong Kong tourism asked me to be part of a new tourism campaign – all about sharing Hong Kong’s lesser-known outdoor treasures with a range of new green tours, as part of their new Great Outdoors campaign. The new campaign offers five incredible outdoor tours, each run by qualified eco-tour guides.

I was enjoyed to get to go on three of these amazing green tour to visit places in Hong Kong that I had never ever been before. I’ll be sharing with you my experiences over the next few months, which can provider the perfect inspiration for your next trip.

The first step back in time with a gorgeous hike to traditional Hakka villages in Lai Chi Wo in the New Territories.


Traced back to 400 years ago, Lai Chi Wo was among the most affluent villages in the Northeastern New Territories. The houses and the Fengshui woods behind the village rare were preserved and are a great way to experience a slice of very old Hong Kong.


I’ve never been on a guided hike before, so it was a first for me and I was a bit nervous, but I loved it very much! The guide made us feel completely relaxing all the time, and had such a huge range of knowledge not only about the hike but everything to do with Hong Kong,in which I learned a lot. 

It took us through a stunning small valley along the coast, and then we stopped for a delicious lunch overlooking the water, before hiking on to explore the traditional village of Lai Chi Wo. We finished with a refreshing boat ride back home, it was truly a wonderful day and one that I recommend you add to your itinerary in advance if you’re planning a visit to Hong Kong.


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